People and Labs

We are a research group comprised of multiple research labs led by individual academics. The Core Team is responsible for performing the day-to-day operations of the groups and pushing the group's long-term vision and strategic plans forward on behalf of the school.  Extended Academic Team: We collaborate closely with academics across the school, where projects overlap with mutual interests and expertise. Extended academic team members may primarily belong to another research group but have substantial interests in IoT research. Interdisciplinary Team: We also collaborate with academics from different schools to conduct and contribute to interdisciplinary research activities.

As of 2023/24, we are recruiting for academic posts!! We aim to develop the IoT Core Team (around 4-8 academics) over the next few years.
Please get in touch with us if you are interested in joining us:
Charith Perera ( or Stuart Allen (HoS) (

Core Team

Charith Perera
(Founder / Group Head)

Internet of Things, Sensing as a Service,  Infrastructure and Architectures, Privacy, Security

Omer Rana

Performance Engineering, Distributed Systems, Edge Computing, Blockchain

Nhat (Nick) Pham 

Intelligent and Efficient Cyber-Physical Systems, Human-based Sensing, Edge-AI and On-chip Computing.

Extended Academic Team

Oktay Karakus

Statistical signal and image processing, Remote Sensing Imaging, Ultrasound Imaging

Interdisciplinary Team

Benoit Goossens

Conservation genetics, Conservation biology, Landscape Ecology, Wildlife Management

Pablo Orozco-TerWengel

Population Genetics, Conservation, Evolutionary Biology, Genomics, Bioinformatics

Georgina Powell

Technological solutions in health and social care, Dizziness, Visual and vestibular perception, Autism


Research Staff and Postgraduate Students

Nada Alhirabi
(PhD Student)

Lamya Alkhariji
(PhD Student)

Areej Alabbas
(PhD Student)

Atheer Jeraisy
(PhD Student)

Bayan Almuhander
(PhD Student)

Asma Irfan [TA]
(PhD Student) [PT]

Hakan Kayan
(PhD Student)

Naeima Hamed
(PhD Student)

Yasar Majib
(PhD Student)

Reem Aldhafiri
(PhD Student)

Mark Butterworth
(PhD Student) [PT]

Omar Mousa
(PhD Student)

Wael Alsafery
(PhD Student)

Yaser Abu Awwad
(MPhil Student)

Abdulaziz Aljohani
(PhD Student)

Norah Albazzai
(PhD Student)

Azhar Alsufyani
(PhD Student)

Suhas Devmane
(PhD Student)

Mohamed Alosaimi (PhD Student)

Fatmah Alqarni
(PhD Student)

Siyuan Li
(PhD Student)

Rayan Binlajdam (PhD Student)

Affiliated Research Staff and Postgraduate Students

(PhD Student)

(PhD Student)

Alumni (Hall of Fame)