Research Projects

Privacy-Aware Systems

Interactive Design Method for Augmenting Software Design Process Toward Privacy-Aware Internet of Things Application Designs

Augmenting Software Design Processes using Knowledge-based AI Technique Towards Assisted Privacy by Design for IoT

Developing Privacy Law-Friendly Internet of Things (IoT) Applications using End-User Development Paradigm

Interactive Privacy Preferences Management in Shared Spaces in Internet of Things

Privacy Considerations when Designing Smart Home Systems to Facilitate Independent Living for Ageing

Learning Privacy and Laws Through AI-Mediated Exploration and Design

Forest Observatory

Sustainable Internet of Things Infrastructure Towards Efficient Wildlife Conservation

Semantic Data Integration Towards Forest Observatory based App Ecosystem

Dynamically Orchestrate-able Low Power Internet of Things Infrastructure for Sustainable Wildlife Conservation

Making Linked Data Discoverable through End-User Development (EUD) Techqniues to support Bioscience and Wildlife Research

Semantic Data Integration Towards Forest Observatory based App Ecosystem

Forest Health Index

Smart Built Envionments

Integrity Checking at the Edge

Context-Aware Security for cyber Physical Edge Resources for industrial control systems

Context Aware Security for Smart Homes using Cyber Physical Data Analysis

Sensing as a Service within Buildings Towards Data-Driven Collaborative Service Design

Detecting Cyber Attacks Using Secondary IoT Sensors in Smart Buildings

Resilient Built Environments

Adapting to Discomfort Towards Sustainable Built Environments

Video Analytics towards Anomaly Detection on the Edge for Smart Cities

Video Analytics towards Anomaly Detection on the Edge for Smart Cities

Self-Configuring Internet of Things Architecture for Context-Aware Anomaly Detection

Explore the Role of Tiny Cameras Towards Augmenting Anomaly Detection within Built Environments

Cyber Academic Startp Accelerator Programme (Resilient Built Environments)

Context-Aware Knowledge-driven Cyber-Physical Security at the Edge for Smart Homes

Talking Buildings: Adaptive Sensing Infrastructure towards Understanding Patterns of life across Heterogeneous Smart Buildings

Developing an Evaluation Framework for Anomaly Detection within Built Environments

Integrity Checking at the Edge (ICE) for Operational Decision Support (ICE-ODS)

Smart Cities

Semantic Knowledge Driven On-demand Data Offerings for Quarriable Smart City Data Marketplaces

Detecting In-Vehicle Cyber Attacks through Controller Area Network (CAN) Bus Data Analytics on-the-Edge

Connected Communities in the Rural Economy (CoCoRE)

Incubator and Past Projects

PizzaBox: Studying Internet Connected Physical Object Manipulation based Food Ordering

Low-Cost SMS Driven Location Tracking System for Anti-Poaching Investigations

Tracking Poachers using BLE Beacons

Semantic Querying for Data Science on the Edge: From Home Automation to Personal Data Store

IoT Skullfort: Exploring the Impact of Internet Connected Cosplay

Family Dynamics-based Access Control for the Internet of Things

Educating Primary School Kids about Nutrition using Object-based Interactions

Developing an User Study Platform Towards Understanding IoT Data Trading Preferences

Explainable Sensor Data-Driven Anomaly Detection in Internet of Things Systems

Predict Animal Movements using Collar Data

Interactive Data Science for Forest Observatory